Harmonized Healing

I laid, staring into the darkness.

Cramped between the shadows

created by the emptiness between the bars,

and coarseness of the walls.


I pick up a shard of broken glass,

glance into it,

and ask:


Where am I?


The deeper I enter into the darkness,

I recollect:


Live with the heart, and the mind will follow?


Mindless Behavior.


We had owned the night —


I was Love Drunk,

and was caught drinking and driving.


I pulled over,

The officer saw my brain in the back seat and asked,

Why aren’t you in switched positions?


I was imprisoned.


My heart was my cell mate, and unfortunately

my mind came up short on bail.


Within time,

My heart and I got off on good behavior,

we entered a halfway house.


Almost there, yet so far to go…


I turned my back on the present,

and headed back towards the past,

because it was what I felt closest to.




I am on my 3rd strike.


I saw the not so distant futures, and headed back, except

my heart was so stubborn it decided to stay behind.


Reacquainted with my mind, we set out on a search for my lowly heart.


Roaming the streets of memory lane,

we found it —

It laid, left for dead,

beaten and cold.

Rapidly bleeding out hope, it cried for faithfulness.


Forgive Me!


Left in the state of panic, my body went vacant.




My mind blanketed that heart,

and eased the cries, replacing them with trustworthiness.



My heart began to shake,

a seizure…caused by the cascade of emotions




But then —


The gentle mind kissed the heart,

and beyond the shadow of doubt,

the Soul ascended.


She brought diligence to the body,

ceased the misery of the mind,

and revived the heart.


For the broken reflection in the mirror had been repaired.



The Soul smiled brighter than the guidance of the Northern Star,

the Heart blushed warmer than the Sun,

the Mind journeyed out the darkest shadows of space,

and the body became ONE


and it was Harmonized.


I am comfortable again,

laying in my own bed, lost in my smile…



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