Her Stories Lock

Her story’s Lock

They call it His-story, but what about her.

We only get a month, even though we were the first to walk this earth.

And ever since I could read, I’ve been blinded by their lies, and deaf to my truths.

How do they expect me to understand, if our story is put in disguise?

We’re still in this race for equality, and I’m damn sure gonna get mine.

And if they’re not giving it up, I’m damn sure gone take it. Before my time is up they will respect my natives.

We may only get a couple of pages towards the end of the book, but they know we were the beginning.

The majority of my education has been raped to keep me away from the knowledge of my ancestors.

We created history, but it’s all because of her.

And maybe him too, but you can’t have a race without two runners that make it.

So every time I put this pen to this paper or these fingers to these keys.

Another story is revealed about the past of these thieves!


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