4 Elements to Loving You


 Overflowing gallantry,

I sip on your wisdom,

 tasting your sixth sense,

 swallowing your energy;

 Hoping to digest reasoning,

 and release all animosity.



Spirits as subtle as winds, you are here with me.

Everywhere — I embrace the breeze captivated with your presence.

Throughout mountains, across seas…

Inside me, surrounding trees

I feel blessed

 whenever I wake up and am allowed to breath.



 Burn all threads of the elapsed time without one another.

Ignite the flames of our intellect,

The luminosity of your warmth brought to me,

in a dream asleep or in an awakened daze of the day.

My heart-burns,

Why isn’t the joy consecutive in some of these aches?

 The only time I’d wish for winter.

 Who’d thought rain drops could feel so soothing during the irritation.



 Whom revolves around whom?

We coexist tho we have morphed into one being.

Have the desire to cherish my heart, as you do the memories stored in your brain.

 Rest your hand upon my chest to make sure there is always feeling.

 Embrace our relationship with arms of understanding.

 Fill the seas with our tears…

 Fill the desert with our the dirt of our disagreement.




Revolve Emotions

Rekindle Flames

Relinquish Fears

 as I rehabilitate your feelings towards Love.



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