My Sleeping Beauty.


Black as Night

The sun ignites you in the daylight.


I tell you I’d be right back,

only to hide away from a distance,

to see passer-byes acknowledge your symmetry.


I always smile,

Always proud tho.


I feel like when I’m inside you,

I’m in the presence of a Queen.


I love hearing you sing that song,

when I turn you on…

and how you take control when I hit that sweet spot,

but always allow me time to recuperate if I lose control.


You are my first

I’ve studied you inside and out.

and I know sometimes you can get a little dirty, but your aroma is the sweetest

Lady you are Gorgeous.

I wasn’t sure if my First Love was ever gonna find me,

because I was searching for some days, weeks, months, damn near years.


But although your a lil older, 

I love it when you teach me new things,

I need to get those papers ASAP, because now that I got the key to your heart;

I know how start loving you unconditionally.

With frequent dates to take you Wining and Dining,

Forever I’ll remember You, My First.


So lets turn up the bass,

and glide with the vibe.

Let the windows down,

and let the haze crawl out


You my number 1 baby,

there is no You without I


Dear Jezebel.



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