Pocket Change

Green grass, white fences, blue skies, soft kisses.
All make for sweet dreams…
Shooting stars, coins in ponds, eleven twice on a clock.
All make for big wishes….
Broken hearts, negative thoughts, “I didn’t mean..”
All make for used tissues….

Which all these make for deep rooted issues.

We love to hate love, but we hate to miss it.
We love to love love, and still we miss it.

In that green grass there’s dead flowers,
Beyond that fence is a new house.
In the blue skies there are rain clouds.
Beyond the lips of soft kisses there is passion.

Identify us together, but who are you to me?

Shooting stars wound the night.
Coins in ponds may be the change sought by a vagabond.
11:11…awaiting Good Mornings and Good Nights.

I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish I knew how to decipher what I write….

Broken hearts can be healed, but will always be flawed.
Negative thoughts replenish positive ambitions.
I didn’t mean to get too deep, only to give you something to read.

The needle in the haystack isn’t hiding, and the elephant in the room is just a figurine.


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