No FIlter

A promising question.

Promiscuous Answers.

Aware that there’s life after me, but

Next life time, will I see you again?

Actions of selfishness,

Defy the suppression of nostalgic thoughts.

The hurt of remembering leaves emotional scars.

Two sleeves baring tattooed broken hearts.

This wardrobe neglected and dejected.

Hand-me-downs – Hand me down faded smiles.

Happiness hasn’t felt the same

Not even Sadness itself has felt this shame.

Conversations turn into confessions,

History’s left unwritten – the mysteries…

What is (y)OUR story?

I’ve revised mine.

This Fantasy has turned Non-Fiction.

Once believed in fairy tales until discovering,

Witches can be men too.

As minds wonder –

On those long walks are you searching for me?

Inside feeling empty, but how long will this last?

Hungry since birth, never tasting satisfaction.

How does one go about embracing the present

If they cannot fully comprehend their past?

Promising Questions.

Broken Answers.

Has Cupid cast a spell on us forever?

Cursed with loving you, never?

Instead I curse until I start feeling a little better.

Use to weather any story together,

Star gazing as the sky is falling,

Today feels more like Christmas in the Summer.

-Leighrick ♥

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