The Proposal

I feel like I’ve been falling, but

I am down on bended knee.


With one hand out for you presenting a heart, and

the other handing you a key.


In my eyes you can see the pain,

behind yours I see purity.


Funny we’ve seemed to trade places, but

you’re one of the few I trust with my real identity.


Like the city I reside, I see your beauty through your faults.

Full of entertainment,

I’ve have become content with this smile you’ve left on my face.


Vibrant emotions.


I’ve been hurt, and

right now I am just kind of going through the motions,



Keeping my heart beats above average, except

Skipping beats.

I find myself skipping to songs in the middle of the street.

Dancing with your voice, music to my ears.



I’m down, on one knee

offering you a fistful of tears.


And I figured you hate to see me cry, but

that is how you’ll know its real.


This key is not cliche,

not to my heart or the heartbreak hotel



Its a key to my city,

lose all contact with me and find me if its real.


On the other hand

this heart I am offering, I’ve sculpted piece by piece.

Each scar a story, and

It may be a bit cold, but its still healing, and

It may be a bold, but I built it to be brave

which made it tough..



If you take these items from my hands,

I place mine together asking you for your trust,

in exchange for my love.



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