MAP #1

I just wanted to write something simple and save the complex reading to the magazines. I fiend for my dreams, yet it seems I am always a dollar short. Trying to contort these words in to phrases that resonates in deaf ears and describes life to those without the ability to see. The world just ain’t black and white, especially during the spring. When it’s cool to laugh at fools, and the shine from the sun isn’t hiding when mother is crying. The moon walks the earth, and stars are being shot for no cinematic reason. Reasoning is for the weak, I only reason once a week, because its either do or die where I’m from. It may sound cliche, but in south central there’s no in between. No room for contemplating. I’ll have seconds with that thought, you may be still be complicating. Con fused [with] revolutionary. Street smart so you can call my pieces maps instead of literary. Subliminal messages that go deeper than submarines, wouldn’t go to war for oil, but you just might lose one for this ink. Conflicting popular belief this Life shit ain’t really about me, its for the ones with their heads up questioning me. Like, WHY DOES THE WORLD KEEP BREAKING MY HEART! My 5 year old best friend screams. Already learning that love is unconditional but today and tomorrow isn’t everlasting. Cartoons and cereal, with no milk, and suddenly you learn problem solving just trying to eat. Seriously, what does all this even mean? You keep adding only for it to be subtracting what you really need. What is it that we really need? I keep looking for the truth, because I kept getting told it’ll set me free. I feel myself getting old, I think this is all apart of mental slavery. We need healing, but have to give our life savings just for a Doctorate Degree? FUCK THAT. All i need is Hempathy. I criss-cross applesauce my legs, inhale the light, exhale the darkness and let my ancestors speak. I know I’m touching on a lot of subjects, something like the SAT, so avoid me if you like but that wont help you succeed. All you want is the money, the cars, and the clothes, but the money cant buy you tape to patch the holes you get from trying to escape. There is no debate about it I am a cold one, I wouldn’t give 2 fucks if they jumped in my lap in the form of a child and asked me to hold them. Welcome to the mind of a giant disguised as Yoda.


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