Puzzle Love

Puzzle Love

The rock doesn’t mean a thing.

Nor the piece of paper

Or even a last name.

I know my pain will be washed away like the smell off of bed sheets.

I know the only tears I’ll cry further are from happiness and laughter.

I look forward to each day, because I’ll know well be together. And I’m sorry for the understatement but I’ll love you until forever.

Im no longer worried, because it’s you I see when I look in the mirror.

I’ve been trying to find me for so long, I almost gave up.


but your kind of like a shadow, always a couple steps ahead of me.

Howl at the moon.

Shout at the sunset.

Fight with time,

it always seems to be moving slowly.

But occasionally.

The moon talks back to me.

The sun relaxes me.

Time is of essence so anytime with you completes me.

Natures now screaming at me, theres no longer a reason to stress.

Co-pilot on my spaceship.

No one sees me but you, I’m Alien. Immigrated love..If I could give you the world.

I’d spin it a couple of times just so gravity could grab me, and marinate me into space.


I come down from this high float down to cloud 9 lay by your side.

And as we lay –

Grab the sun and hand it to you,

because in such a dark world

your smile deserves to shine.

Fuck a boy.

I gotta man who would catch me if I fall.

No longer feeling misunderstood,

I remind him of pokemon.

He feels my thoughts, sees my feelings, heals my soul, warms my heart… he’s capturing all of me no matter the condition !

I wrote this poem for you baby.

Feel my words caressing your heart.

Hear me walking in your head,

we’ve come too far for me to feel lost.

All the hurdles popping up, I swear we training for a marathon

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.

But I got you and you got me.

Together Screaming “FUCK” whoever doubts our love.

Let your heart be my canvas.

My words are the paint.

My voice is the brush.

The eyes are the artist.

Picasso of my thoughts.

Erykah Badu of his actions.



we’re free!

The angels are your brothers spread your wings.

I’ll bring out my halo.

Hear the harps playing from above the sweetest songs.

Listen babe, the heavens are playing our theme song.

We’re blessed with each other,

Formula for tranquility


The ring doesn’t mean a thing

Nor the piece of paper

Or even a last name.

Our love would still remain the same and grow stronger. Strategical hearts.

The missing piece to each others puzzle.

Your the reason my heart beats again, my ice age is over.



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