Love is easy to fall into.

Who ever said this road we walk would be smooth?

Who guaranteed that life would be easy?

Life’s guarantees are as passionate as an oppressors persuasion .

Choice was not a option, we were given this life – as we attempt to live.

But we were handed it, knowing that, majority would break from the pressure of merely attempting to care.

And yet here you are before me standing in all Loves Glory.


Check….. yet I stand strong before you, your queen : Candace

Nefertiti of your entirety

Cleopatra of your roaming soul

You’ve ceased my heart collapsing.

I have turned your Dark Empire and into your Golden Age.

Like the oceans I draw you in..

You that is my beach, my paradise.

Rest your head on my chest and listen.

As this heart you forged takes the form of gold.

The beats are as vibrant as the chants of hands that beat against an Afrikan drum.

Playing is the melody that eases your mind from the sleepless nights.

Nights that you ponder in your thoughts and get lost.

Lost as you search for a path back to reality and stare into midnights blanket.

Seeking and searching for a journey to revelation.

Knowing Love would be in Vain without dreams that break beautiful beats of happiness and sorrow.

Those who seek Loves Redemption can be redeemed through the code of righteous living.

Knowing no true direction,we walk blind –

For our hearts are the compass’ that lead us to everlasting love.

Love in which you and I become immortals within the land we’ve created.

Every tear drop infested with emotions exchanged with a kiss.

For our Love is custom fit for only You and I.

For only our Hearts link through

Loves aorta,

Never to be severed.



Willing Love

Willing Love

This is an original piece by myself, Vigilant Leighrick. My first recording I did about 13 days ago. Produced by Breechboy…now working on my up coming project on KTF [Keep the Feel].

I am also a member of iLLFoLK Conglomerate, check out our soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/illfolkmusic

Journey of a Gemini

The Journey of a Gemini


I’ve been on this journey seeking the other half of me.


My eyes have grown weary & my heart weak.


My head hung low in disappointment.


To the point I’m trying to reach, each step seems as though I’m getting further in distance.


I sit in isolation, sand storms caressing my mind, blizzards comforting my heart, and the great flood drowning my soul.

Heat stroke seemed only to be the only thing comforting me.


Until he came and sat beside me.

I felt his ear to my soul…

His thoughts beating to the rhythm of my heart.

I smile because he’s found me.


The Journey of a Gemini


I’ve sought to find the other half of me.


I am his sun.

He is my moon.


I wonder if knows he’s found me in my worst storm.

That the rain just isn’t nature’s cry for help, but my own spirits.


I want him,

I want him to understand, his smile is my sunset and his eyes are my ocean.

Understand he is my place of peace,

Someone who hears my screams and yells back to comfort me.

I run my hands through the sand, his trails and tribulations.

His breaths kindred to the night waves.

He is my reach past the stars, and the sky…with him I feel no limits.




If I am to him Queen, He is my King..


Pour out our thoughts.

Mix our Love.

And build a barricade around our sandcastle.


This is the Journey of a Gemini.


I realize what lies beyond his eyes


The difference between what lies hes been told, and what lies in his heart.


As I lie in his arms

He embraces my anticipation.


This journey reflects on my rebuilding of trust.


Does he know he is the foundation?


Everyday will be Summer time, because I will be his sun shining light on his journey as well.


This is the story of a Gemini.


I’ve found the other half of me.


He knows the other half, nobody has ever known,

He is the half of me, I’m always been afraid of showing




Somehow through this poem, my feelings for him just flow.


Massaging his doubts..

Our fingers interlock, and we’ll begin our journey together.


The only dream I look forward to, he seems to be better than reality its self.


I wonder…


Is this journey of a Gemini only a dream, because if so fuck that…I want him inside of me.

Not only thoughts, but in feelings,

not only by touch is he healing

but he comforts me, when it feels as though I am emotionless

Incapable of affection…


I feel so Emotional that I am Emotionless

I often wonder if he’s testing me…teasing me?


Love has no boundaries, I stopped to take a break…I gave up on that shit!

I look ahead, and loves found me.

Now I wonder…should I further this journey?

Mother these problems?

Become acquainted with long lost feelings?

Curse the father of my thoughts?

Pet the idea of falling in love again?


Love hurt me before, my chambers turned ice cold


My rib cage turned into jail bars.

I feel myself unable to escape.


I wonder if he knows this is me?

Am I accepted?

All I ask for is my love to be respected — and if wants to


He can grab my hand, and join me.


This is the journey of a Gemini.


I am half asleep with my eyes wide open.

I cant see him, but I hear him, and I feel our love growing closer.


He yells, “Love Stinks!

Well that love stench is me, because I’ve been traveling for to long on this damn journey.




What can I say?...It’s the Gemini in Me.



Puzzle Love

Puzzle Love


The rock doesn’t mean a thing.

Nor the piece of paper

Or even a last name.


I know my pain will be washed away like the smell off of bed sheets.

I know the only tears I’ll cry further are from happiness and laughter.


I look forward to each day, because I’ll know well be together. And I’m sorry for the understatement but I’ll love you until forever.


Im no longer worried, because it’s you I see when I look in the mirror.


I’ve been trying to find me for so long, I almost gave up.


but your kind of like a shadow, always a couple steps ahead of me.


Howl at the moon.

Shout at the sunset.

Fight with time,

it always seems to be moving slowly.


But occasionally.


The moon talks back to me.

The sun relaxes me.

Time is of essence so anytime with you completes me.


Natures now screaming at me, theres no longer a reason to stress.


Co-pilot on my spaceship.

No one sees me but you, I’m Alien. Immigrated love..If I could give you the world.

I’d spin it a couple of times just so gravity could grab me, and marinate me into space.




I come down from this high float down to cloud 9 lay by your side.

And as we lay –

Grab the sun and hand it to you,

because in such a dark world

your smile deserves to shine.


Fuck a boy.

I gotta man who would catch me if I fall.


No longer feeling misunderstood,


I remind him of pokemon.

He feels my thoughts, sees my feelings, heals my soul, warms my heart… he’s capturing all of me no matter the condition !


I wrote this poem for you baby.


Feel my words caressing your heart.

Hear me walking in your head,

we’ve come too far for me to feel lost.


All the hurdles popping up, I swear we training for a marathon

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.


But I got you and you got me.

Together Screaming “FUCK” whoever doubts our love.


Let your heart be my canvas.

My words are the paint.

My voice is the brush.

The eyes are the artist.


Picasso of my thoughts.

Erykah Badu of his actions.






we’re free!


The angels are your brothers spread your wings.

I’ll bring out my halo.

Hear the harps playing from above the sweetest songs.

Listen babe, the heavens are playing our theme song.

We’re blessed with each other,


Formula for tranquility




The ring doesn’t mean a thing

Nor the piece of paper

Or even a last name.


Our love would still remain the same and grow stronger. Strategical hearts.

The missing piece to each others puzzle.


Your the reason my heart beats again, my ice age is over.




My Love is a Bottomless Pit

You don’t want to fall in love with someone like me.


I’ll love you like no other,

a different level from a mother,

more loyal than a brother, and

more caring than a sister.


I will roll with you till wheels fall off, and

fly with you until my wings no longer flap.

If I was the only one in high spirits,

I’d be caring you on my back.


I’ll reveal you to a part of yourself

you’ve never seen, but

have always known was there, yet

no one believed.


I mean, sense I’m being honest,

I’ll love you even when you don’t love me.


If you were losing sight,

I’d give you my eyes.

Then you will see that real lies within me.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and now you see the real me,

skin deep.


You don’t want to fall in love with me,

If you happen to, I’ll be sure to keep a couple of band-aids handy,

in case you scrape a knee.


I am too faithful.

I know how to forgive.

I’ll enlighten you when if ever you are uneducated.

Pick you up when your at your lowest, then

slap the shit out you and tell you to, “Keep Going”


I care too much.

I let you breathe.

Make you laugh when you’re crying,

I’m all you want and all you need…



Don’t fall in love with me.

I’m told I’m a heart maker.

Revitalizing love making meaningful lust.


Trust Me.


You don’t want to fall in love

with me.


I don’t seem to learn my lessons.

I resurrect hearts and they break mine.


Only love me if you can teach me how to hate at the same time.


The only person I hate is myself for equipping these hearts to break mine.



don’t love me because then…

you’ll never stop falling.



Willing Love

My eyes have opened. My mouth has closed. My ears are tuned in.

You got me focused In this moment, I can’t move, only stare.

Play a game of truth, if we dare. How bout two truths and a lie?

I’m falling for you. I’m on the ground. I don’t know how I got here.

I only know I don’t want to leave, like the branches from the trees when Autumn comes around.

Unaware of where we’re going, I just know I’m with it if your with it.

I don’t mean to be blunt, but I can take you higher, if your willing?

In this room feeling boxed in; however there’s no ceiling. Just mirrors.

I paint the picture, not brave enough to be detailed, but I know you see the image. Like when you fall asleep and dream, yeah I know that I be in ’em.

Chasing thoughts, you try to hide, instead I’m conquering your vision. Trying to cease your emotions, they’re so deep I can swim in them. If I start drowning, does that mean I’m the reason your feeling them?

All those bad memories am I killing them? Like there’s a reason you didn’t meet me first, then you wouldn’t know this feeling then.

Love doesn’t come easy not even when it leaves. Stick with me and you’ll know when it comes it’ll never leave.