Moon’s Letter to the Sun – Shawn Price

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Shine your Light on me,
Bless me with your presence,
For I’ve been following and looking for your glow around this earth forever,
I mean, I do get close sometimes,
And everytime I get blue we might get in eachother’s way and meet paths without knowing,
But I’m sick of all that…

Let’s meet up,
Let’s connect
But not in a eclipse,
In the Galaxy’s greatest kiss,
Be down to rise with me,
Sincerely the Moon…

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Need to be Unhappy?

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Do we need to be
unhappy, to suffer,
feel fearful, desperate?

Am I uncaring of the
starving children, mindless
wars, dashed dreams
because I pause to watch
the puppies nuzzle their
mother, to smell the bread
baking? Must I be miserable
until all the difficulties
of life are resolved?

Is being fully present
really indifference?
Must I be forever vigilant
of the miseries of mankind?
I think not.

I want to be so connected
with each moment that
I can even savor that
final breath, that sigh
of the soul as it completes
this cycle and moves on.

How precious is this life
rich with wonder
so holy that even the
darkest moments are
filled with the Light
of God’s Love.

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Who I Am

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I am the turtle
basking in the sun
dragon fly hovering
above lilly pads
trees swaying in
morning breezes
now a rock, now a stone
patchwork fields
star strewn skies
clouds floating by
I am all
parts of Creation
and what is Creation
but manifestations
of God
therefore I am
you are
we are
of God

Can I hate my toe
cut off my hand
resent my leg
would be foolish, indeed

Accepting, cherishing
enjoying being part of
is the only thing
that makes sense.
It’s just that simple.

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