Harmonized Healing

I laid, staring into the darkness.

Cramped between the shadows

created by the emptiness between the bars,

and coarseness of the walls.


I pick up a shard of broken glass,

glance into it,

and ask:


Where am I?


The deeper I enter into the darkness,

I recollect:


Live with the heart, and the mind will follow?


Mindless Behavior.


We had owned the night —


I was Love Drunk,

and was caught drinking and driving.


I pulled over,

The officer saw my brain in the back seat and asked,

Why aren’t you in switched positions?


I was imprisoned.


My heart was my cell mate, and unfortunately

my mind came up short on bail.


Within time,

My heart and I got off on good behavior,

we entered a halfway house.


Almost there, yet so far to go…


I turned my back on the present,

and headed back towards the past,

because it was what I felt closest to.




I am on my 3rd strike.


I saw the not so distant futures, and headed back, except

my heart was so stubborn it decided to stay behind.


Reacquainted with my mind, we set out on a search for my lowly heart.


Roaming the streets of memory lane,

we found it —

It laid, left for dead,

beaten and cold.

Rapidly bleeding out hope, it cried for faithfulness.


Forgive Me!


Left in the state of panic, my body went vacant.




My mind blanketed that heart,

and eased the cries, replacing them with trustworthiness.



My heart began to shake,

a seizure…caused by the cascade of emotions




But then —


The gentle mind kissed the heart,

and beyond the shadow of doubt,

the Soul ascended.


She brought diligence to the body,

ceased the misery of the mind,

and revived the heart.


For the broken reflection in the mirror had been repaired.



The Soul smiled brighter than the guidance of the Northern Star,

the Heart blushed warmer than the Sun,

the Mind journeyed out the darkest shadows of space,

and the body became ONE


and it was Harmonized.


I am comfortable again,

laying in my own bed, lost in my smile…




Resentment builds,

as does my emotions.

It’s hard not to be mad, when my relaxation continues to drink the poisoned potion.

I never felt pain like this before.

How I’m I suppose to live without knowing the true definition of being alive?

You saw right through my eyes, I didn’t have to say a thing.

Just like you, I get lonely too.

How am I suppose to live without the presence of stability?

You saw straight through my soul, and without you I feel incomplete.

Leave me to dehydrate.

For our Love there’s no limit to sacrificing.


Good Night to Your Good Morning

The sun is my kiss goodnight.

The birds are my lullaby.

I thought I shut all doors and windows,

but stealthier than the I air breathe,

Insomnia crept upon me an suffocated my pillow with my thoughts.

Wrapped with blanket of restlessness,

The birds continually ease my soul in to slumber,

and as I fade, the Sun gently kisses my forehead,

My deprivation tucks me in, and I sleep…like a baby,

Until a couple of hours pass, and I wake up again

I look out the window, and the Sun has been screaming —

Leighrick..we’ve missed you.


Haleys Comet

Quick Bio: 3 years ago a friend of mine Cheyanne aka “Mariah Haley” was assigned in her Intro to Philosophy class, to describe her philosophy in a poem as her Final. This was to be strictly her opinion, and she came to me in aid of expressing her thoughts into poetry. We ended up collaborating on this philosophical poem, and I hope you all enjoy it.

I believe that through experience we realize, that we create our own reality.

One not founded upon other peoples visions, but through our own day to day experiences.

If we learn to embrace each breath, and rejoice because we’ve have gotten the chance to feel every day, then we will learn that knowledge itself is power.

The power to recreate your world, and at the same time be the survivor in the “big picture”.

In this race against time, to live and to learn, one will always encounter numerous hurdles.

Some are higher than others, and whether you fall or not; what keeps you running is ambition.

What separates our souls is that some looked to be saved, and others look for another alternatives.

If you fall you cannot wait for someone to pick you up, you must get up on your own and dust yourself off.

Ambition is a value embedded in the soul. It is who you are, and like sweat it seeps out from all over your body and overwhelms you with strength.

In order to stimulate that strength we must stand strong in our beliefs, but not ignorant to our mistakes.

Although religion is man-made, our souls are spiritually molded; a connection with a higher power feeds your conscience, and that is how one is able to digest this food for thought.

Look who’s left deserted. What about the living others around us?

Trees and plants provide us the oxygen, which replenishes our lives and animals revitalize our stomachs, but also protect us with and without training..

However, we as humans don’t see each other as equal.

Only the strong survive, but how do you know whose the strongest if everyone is authentic.

Just like the equator individuality is invisible, but it’s wanted across the world.

The planet needs people who take everyday to learn something new, and surround themselves with inspiring dreams because a life without dreaming is not a reality at all.

We have been leaving the truth behind and hiding behind our walls of comfortable lies.

We have become a society so in debt to wealth and power; that we refuse to acknowledge our duty to the planet

Lost in this battle of greed and war, consumed by pollution, it is killing us slowly…

Education that teaches us to climb the corporate ladder instead of to live peacefully with our neighbors.

Our neighbors who are literally next door and physically across the world.

We don’t even realize that we share this planet with everyone, and at the same time, we share the same fate.

Our existence depends on the way we spend every beautiful breath, the way we step and every stride we take.

Even though the footprints we leave behind in the sands on this planet, are washed away…

Life is our choice, we have the power to create something beautiful.

We have the resources to build and live in this web of life.



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Her Stories Lock

Her story’s Lock

They call it His-story, but what about her.

We only get a month, even though we were the first to walk this earth.

And ever since I could read, I’ve been blinded by their lies, and deaf to my truths.

How do they expect me to understand, if our story is put in disguise?

We’re still in this race for equality, and I’m damn sure gonna get mine.

And if they’re not giving it up, I’m damn sure gone take it. Before my time is up they will respect my natives.

We may only get a couple of pages towards the end of the book, but they know we were the beginning.

The majority of my education has been raped to keep me away from the knowledge of my ancestors.

We created history, but it’s all because of her.

And maybe him too, but you can’t have a race without two runners that make it.

So every time I put this pen to this paper or these fingers to these keys.

Another story is revealed about the past of these thieves!


Hurricane Emotion

She turned her back on everything


The world is still revolving around her.

Time is non-directional, yet it always moves forward

She’s living in the past;

the has been“s and “the had“s.


Her eyes embodying the oceans…

A sea of tears.

She tried to swim through Hurricane Emotion


Her life’s guard was off duty.


She drowned in the lies, because she let her guard down.

Heart broken like a levy

Only left to wallow in her own agony.


Everyone saw, but no one cloud help.

Many predicted the storm, but she denied the forecast.


That’s when the spiraling down came,

A tornado came ripping off her security blanket.

Now she sits as she arrived in this world…naked.



The storm is no where near over,

The eye of the storm still precipitating mis-beliefs.


Unable to sleep through the pain.

She tries to maintain body heat, but in her most sacred place the lights are out.


Where she lies awaiting predetermined rescue..

The foundation cracks.

She’s falling threw the hole shes dug herself…Relapse.


She looked to the cross, but found no answers within all the red.

If FEMA couldn’t save Katrina,

What kind of hope should she have left?



Living physically, but mentally paralyzed.

She looked into the eye of the storm, but she was only showered with more dishonesty.


She can’t detach herself from what she built.

Blood, Trust, and Love went into what she built.

Even when they threw dirt on her, she continued to build.


Covered in Filth,

But showered in Faith.

She’s now,

Fed up and stagnant.

Confused cause she’s living in days of darkness,

When just across the fence the grass is greener on the other side.



She keeps faith.

Faith that one day this Monster House

Will become a Master House,

When she’s no longer enslaved by her emotions.


The contract contradicts the blue prints.

The feelings filled up to the ceiling,

She doesn’t have insurance to cover that.

Feeling like, she just wants her parents to get that life insurance check.


She asks for reassurance, and that triggers a land slide.

She was sliding down the land she once  stood strong, and tall on.

Everything she’s sacrificed is now tumbling with her.

Now she’s falling to the depths of the emotional wreckage.


How can she ever fathom trust again.

Her hearts gone bankrupt,

Mind said fuck it,

She is about to give up, and settle for that single bedroom apartment.


Whose to say she’s going to survive the other storms to come.

Whose to say she won’t.


She could be dead because she’s stupid, or living because she fell in love with a joke.




Restless Nights

Another restless night

Woken up by the constant coughing that’s been going on for months.

A mind racing to beat the thoughts of loneliness.

Sprint to the bathroom

and rinse your face with the melting ice from your heart.

Look in the mirror into the eyes that scream dedication.

Clean the tongue that swallows all the sweet & sour lies.

Wipe the mouth that thirst for affection.

Wash the disappointment from your face

Back to Bed.

Using the pillow cover the ears...the walls keep calling.

Keep the lights off…

Darkness is Misery’s Best Friend.

Slip into a deep coma.

Dreams become an euphoria; then you awake and

Begin the battle with nightmares…Also.Known.As Reality.