My First KIss

I released the anger and re-embraced forgiveness.
I thought I had regrets, but it was only my spite poisoning my feelings.
Lies left me feigning…
I feed off emotions and reactions, it’s hard to leave the hand that feeds you.
Dessert for thought,
But the truth was too bitter for my tasting.
Maybe because I’ve never been served on a dish so cold.
It froze my throat and numbed my tongue.
It burned my eyes and pierced my ears.
But with this food for thought, I had no tears to quench my thirst.
I had been refreshed by the satisfaction of my own growth.

To think back I thought:

I would have rather my sheets bleed ink, than to be drenched from my eyes leaking.

I would have rather a cat caught my tongue, than to stand out as obvious as the elephant in the room, and bring the truth to my own attention.

I would have rather been loved under controlled conditions than to be loved unconditionally.


My heart was blind.
Walking a narrow path of broken promises and missing bricks from the foundation.
My mind has grown weary from trying to chase the thoughts of love constantly off that path.

So Finally,
My mind convinced my heart to focus on myself.
And the heart I thought was nonexistent started pumping warm blood again.
My white blood cells were no longer white lies, and I could smile again.

It told my stomach it was okay to eat,
because it’ll no longer have to ingest that bullshit.

My conscience came from the back to the front, and then I realized..
Well maybe that’s why my foreheads so big.
Because my conscience is always present, and it’s impossible to hide it.

In conclusion:

Love is Blind & Ignorance is Bliss.

Finally, I have experienced my first kiss…

Life begins when you realize your mistakes and not only learn from them, but apply the knowledge, maturation, courage and strength that you’ve learned and use that become a better person. Not for anyone, but for yourself because if your not happy with yourself, you can shouldn’t ever expect to be happy with someone else.

Forgive, Love, Live, and Laugh..

Yes pain maybe Intimidating and love may seem ruthless, but pain from love is only temporary, and the love for life brings infinite happiness. That happiness will feel even better than you thought it’d be, because of that pain you have endured.



Morning Thoughts & Night Dreams

Morning Thoughts & Night Dreams


Things just aren’t the same, it’s not what it use to be.

We aren’t who we use to be, we did something that changed us.



Now the reality is too harsh to deal with, but life is all about balance…right?

I guess I have to find compatibility in these tribulations.

I make sure I don’t keep my head down and dwell, I just look up and ask for guidance.



Scared the past will become the present,

Which is a gift I’d rather not receive.


I know history repeats itself, so I begin preparation for battle.

This cold war in a vacant heart, it’s difficult to declare the winner.

I keep paper in my back pocket, my pen behind my ear, and a mind that never stops racing.


I slow down my breathing so I can hear.


Who’s that peaking in my library?

I know my life’s an open book, but you can’t rewrite history.

We all have pages we want rip out, or would much rather revise.

Your autobiography has already been published.


Who’s that laughing in my library?

This is private, you shouldn’t be here!




I’m out of breathe chasing my enemy.

Chasing the thought that I actually had friends that weren’t kin to me.



This isn’t the textbook stuff

It’s the shit they don’t want you to read.



Oppressors suffocating themselves with self esteem; while the oppressed live blissfully.

Finding the fineness in the shiniest aesthetics.



But I’m trynna to be the change I want to see.




I prepare myself for this battle.


This battle.

This battle.

This battle is


World War Me.



Spoken Word for Open Mics

Shut your eyes to the world.

Open them wide for my thoughts.

Stop allowing yourself to hear the background noise and channel my voice.

My echo will amplify my passion, if need be, visualize me.

I will act as a hearing aid.

I just want you to listen.

Readers — read my mind; run-on sentences of thoughts.

Imagine my emotion, see the scenarios.

Often the beauty is polluted by distractions.

So often ultimate satisfaction, isn’t satisfied.


You have the privilege of listening.

Hearing me hiccup on emotions.

Catching me stutter because I’m reliving that moment.

Looking into my eyes, I am lost in yours.

Grab hold of my presence.

Posture — taller than the mic stand.

How I sweat as if the lights are my biggest critics.

I get nervous.

I get anxious.

It’s like I’m standing on my heart,

Speaking through my soul, while its projecting memories from my brain.

I look up to my mirror, into my pupils, to see them….dilated.


Read Me.

Hear Me.

See Me.



Open Mic, Spoken Word, Leighrickal Literacy.

I am it and it is Me.


Sweetest Taboo

Currently, my favorite word is “I“. One is the magic number.

Every conversation is like a confession; I know you want feedback.

I can be your dessert for thought, the sweetest taste of intellect.

While sleeping you hear the birds tweet, and you’ll follow them.

But only if they lead you to me.

I don’t normally look people in the eyes, but its your intentions Im trying to see.

I play it cool.


You try and let your mind go astray.

Finding yourself smiling; then you realize, you’ve been thinking of me all day.

You stop to wonder, do I think about you too?

[Maybe not the amount, but at least in the same ways]


If you tripped would I laugh, or would I bend down to tie your shoe?

Would I catch you? Are you falling?

I wouldn’t watch, I’d grab your hand and take you higher.

Aiming toward the moon, reaching for the stars.

Wading in the clouds.


I’m peeping through the hole that has been under construction…for a while.

You’re knockings on the gate are faint;unfortunately to your pleas of affection….

Currently I am deaf.

Mute, unheard of feelings, unshared emotions, my secrets are kept.


Decipher my pieces, and decode my being.

2pac saw death around the corner, I can only imagine

because I feel like Cupids stalking me.


I’m taking a light jog, you keep trying to race me full speed!


Cant spell potential, without potent.

Allowing my heart slow down a couple beats.

Like seeing a good menu you before you feast.

Time is deceptive that I’ve learned to use my watch as a piece.

So with this piece, I am allowing you access to a clue in my mystery.

I apologize if this so happens to play with your Psyche.


I just made a vow —

Never let my heart think, and never let my mind feel.


My headaches turn to heartaches, suddenly I wont feel shit.

I close my eyes and maintain my stride.

And see, when I get to the finish line…if your there at the end.




What is a wrinkle to you, with the exception of time? If you are too humble for the word Phenomenal, would you except Divine? When my eyes are clouded you lift my chin up, and tell me the sun will come out tomorrow. smile. Since tomorrow isn’t promised; your smile has parted the clouds, and rekindled heat in my heart. Can you promise to meet me in my dreams? While we’re laying on the beach, will you rub my head and sing? “Everything’s going to be alright”, even when God thinks its time to hand down our wings? If I told you your love drowned the earth; would you believe me if I told you the screams were more of an angelic symphony? Would you be surprised if I dropped everything and bowed at your knees with my head at your feet? I am still standing tall, back straight, being the woman you envisioned me…


let my love seep off this page,

inside my mouth,

and into your heart.

Place your hand into mine, and Never Let Go ♥♥