Puzzle Love

Puzzle Love


The rock doesn’t mean a thing.

Nor the piece of paper

Or even a last name.


I know my pain will be washed away like the smell off of bed sheets.

I know the only tears I’ll cry further are from happiness and laughter.


I look forward to each day, because I’ll know well be together. And I’m sorry for the understatement but I’ll love you until forever.


Im no longer worried, because it’s you I see when I look in the mirror.


I’ve been trying to find me for so long, I almost gave up.


but your kind of like a shadow, always a couple steps ahead of me.


Howl at the moon.

Shout at the sunset.

Fight with time,

it always seems to be moving slowly.


But occasionally.


The moon talks back to me.

The sun relaxes me.

Time is of essence so anytime with you completes me.


Natures now screaming at me, theres no longer a reason to stress.


Co-pilot on my spaceship.

No one sees me but you, I’m Alien. Immigrated love..If I could give you the world.

I’d spin it a couple of times just so gravity could grab me, and marinate me into space.




I come down from this high float down to cloud 9 lay by your side.

And as we lay –

Grab the sun and hand it to you,

because in such a dark world

your smile deserves to shine.


Fuck a boy.

I gotta man who would catch me if I fall.


No longer feeling misunderstood,


I remind him of pokemon.

He feels my thoughts, sees my feelings, heals my soul, warms my heart… he’s capturing all of me no matter the condition !


I wrote this poem for you baby.


Feel my words caressing your heart.

Hear me walking in your head,

we’ve come too far for me to feel lost.


All the hurdles popping up, I swear we training for a marathon

In true love the smallest distance is too great, and the greatest distance can be bridged.


But I got you and you got me.

Together Screaming “FUCK” whoever doubts our love.


Let your heart be my canvas.

My words are the paint.

My voice is the brush.

The eyes are the artist.


Picasso of my thoughts.

Erykah Badu of his actions.






we’re free!


The angels are your brothers spread your wings.

I’ll bring out my halo.

Hear the harps playing from above the sweetest songs.

Listen babe, the heavens are playing our theme song.

We’re blessed with each other,


Formula for tranquility




The ring doesn’t mean a thing

Nor the piece of paper

Or even a last name.


Our love would still remain the same and grow stronger. Strategical hearts.

The missing piece to each others puzzle.


Your the reason my heart beats again, my ice age is over.




Motion Pictures

I’m stuck in between writers block and a ticking clock; there’s not enough minutes in an hour to cherish a day.

My eyes stay glued to the pages, that’s how I stay awake. I sit up in my bed and contemplate. The second I close my eyes, I lose 4 hours out the next day.

No breaks.

I’m speeding on the train, trying to beat late to work. They say you work hard then you play, but I sweat a little more on the playground because that’s my job day to day. When night creeps around, Im waiting for the sandman with my A.K.


Pen also known as my artillery. I’m breaking and entering in the memory bank of my own mind, Trying to ditch the reoccurring visions of what I thought was love at first sight. It took one night, to lose sight of who I was. So Ive experienced being blind.

That’s may be the reason when I recite these lines I have to close my eyes. I feel a pain in my chest, like I overdosed. Instead I keep going line after line after line. And realize that pain is only that feeling of wanting you when I coming down.

From this high. I’m sorry. My hearts a bit tender. Im soaring trying to catch up with my pride, whose trying to catch up with my ego, whos chasing after my mind.

See its not the fame I want; I want the audience inclined. I’m satisfied with being well known. They haven’t yet gotten the message, I’m ahead of my time, but behind.

I live in the moment. If my piece doesnt make your heart skip a beat, I dont own it.


My Love is a Bottomless Pit

You don’t want to fall in love with someone like me.


I’ll love you like no other,

a different level from a mother,

more loyal than a brother, and

more caring than a sister.


I will roll with you till wheels fall off, and

fly with you until my wings no longer flap.

If I was the only one in high spirits,

I’d be caring you on my back.


I’ll reveal you to a part of yourself

you’ve never seen, but

have always known was there, yet

no one believed.


I mean, sense I’m being honest,

I’ll love you even when you don’t love me.


If you were losing sight,

I’d give you my eyes.

Then you will see that real lies within me.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and now you see the real me,

skin deep.


You don’t want to fall in love with me,

If you happen to, I’ll be sure to keep a couple of band-aids handy,

in case you scrape a knee.


I am too faithful.

I know how to forgive.

I’ll enlighten you when if ever you are uneducated.

Pick you up when your at your lowest, then

slap the shit out you and tell you to, “Keep Going”


I care too much.

I let you breathe.

Make you laugh when you’re crying,

I’m all you want and all you need…



Don’t fall in love with me.

I’m told I’m a heart maker.

Revitalizing love making meaningful lust.


Trust Me.


You don’t want to fall in love

with me.


I don’t seem to learn my lessons.

I resurrect hearts and they break mine.


Only love me if you can teach me how to hate at the same time.


The only person I hate is myself for equipping these hearts to break mine.



don’t love me because then…

you’ll never stop falling.



Loves Crushing Piracy

Climb into my mind and see

Swimming through my feelings

It’s you I’m thinking of

Frankly, I think my oceans deep enough.

I hope you swim good.

Theres still a few lost at sea.



Robbed the booty, and

Walked the plank.

Then wondering why my cannons out.

Trying to relate ships.

Trying to become mates.

So I set sails and drift away.

They asking where I’m going,

I’m trying to see what’s past the horizon.

Like there has to be a reason why the sun sets behind it,

Together it’s so beautiful.

I’m getting tired seeing this water,

Ignoring the simple fact that answers are within.

Don’t read this and get see sick on this journey through my mind.

You can exit through my eyes.

So you can see where I’m headed.

If not,

There’s another exit,

My behind.

Putting up fronts but when really what he has turned to me are his back.

I’ve been there,

Bending down on one knee, anchoring my helping hand.

Then as soon as he grabbed hold.

I wake up in the same place as the rest of them.

Asking, “why are you so tall?”

But he can’t hear me.

The smoke is loud and the lights are bright.

Laying in the dimness of my being,

In actuality it was his shadow.

But You swore to me I was your guiding light.

Flashing lights,

Flash backs.

I wear glasses in secrecy,

The clarity is sometimes hard to bare.

I have 2 naked eyes, and don’t like keeping them closed.

Exposed to Everyone.

I put on an eyepatch.

It’s said, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”, but

How can you get in, if you don’t have both keys?


Stay with me please.


So now I’m walking around awkward as fuck.

Who would want to fall in Love with a Cyclopes like me?

I remove the patch.

Instead I stay with a pair of shades, like a pair of shoes to my feet.

Like Michael and his J’s.

I don’t know if I’m asking to be loved, or

Warning you not to love me.

I guess it’s up to you, how do you steer?

Should I keep it up notch,

Tho I’m more comfortable in neutral?

Does your mind control your feelings?

Im I getting to deep in to you personal.

My mine can barely control the excessive giggles that start when you get my heart jumping.

Dare to hop aboard?

Promise I won’t scar if you change your mind and decide to leave.

Tho my heart bleed internally, what more damage could it do when its constantly beating me to death,

But I’m not complaining.

A captain always goes down with their ship.

So this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been drown by my feelings, gasping for breaths in between tears.

Below sea level.

I rise above it, and

I ride the waves.

Beyond see level.


That’s how I ease the pain.

I hope atleast for now you won’t touch the chest,

In which my hearts lays,

Until you’re ready.




When I fell, you looked down and turned your back.

I warned you  you’d never stop falling, now look whos hand is reaching back.


In this game the ball has curved, and you have struck out.

I ran home. You went outfield.

I mean way out there and left.

I’m sure of that, because I was right there.

The right answers with no wrong intentions.


How could you forget to mention you weren’t ready for my love?

Unsurprisingly, you stayed ready for lust.


You thrust me your heart as bait, and then you yanked mine out.

Ive recovered with numerous stitches, but you continue taunting me.


I sit and wonder, is God trying to test my strength?

How much I actually believe.

Not with my eyes, with insight.

I’m just trying to comprehend the definition of faith.


I am not a fantasy you can step in and out of. I am a Human Being.

Knowingly the Woman of your dreams, and that…

That was the reality of it all.


Hempathy : Staring Through Vanity.

I collaborated with my twin, Samuel, and we’ve created “Hempathy”. This piece branching from a simple conversation. “Is a secret truly a secret, if everyone knows it, but no one talks about it?

Shit, all i feel is hempathy, that’s hemp therapy simply

I’m a smoke till I see God and ask him why I feel this way mentally

Signed, yours truly, sincerely hoping that my best wishes are not just farewells to sanity

While I blow Kush smoke in mirrors subconsciously embracing vanity, and talking to myself–


A controlled free spirit trying to think of a purpose, is it worth it?

My heart wants to jump out my chest just so I can put this work in

I start feeling like, “damn do I deserve this?”

Whether I weather the storm, this forecast is my own, this black cloud is only following me

When it rains my cup is filled — half full, tho inside I feel so empty

Success is so tempting!

The weight of the world is on my shoulders and all I feel is sympathy.

Visions of visionaries screaming knowledge from the cemeteries.

In the moment I was being birthed I felt God’s whispers as he spoke to me.

The smoke clears. There’s no longer clarity.

Sitting at the vanity 2 hazed eyes, and the 3rd one so vivid that it scares me.


Cry for help like a newborn left in a bin, or for some brotha without a motha heading straight for the pen,

I cleaned my slate with those tears and headed straight for my pen,

Then walked up to the fountain of youth and threw a couple of pennies in, like, here’s my two cents–

That should pay what you’re worth, delusions of immortality,

I’ve been ready for death since birth,

Realize your lies mean nothing, they say the meek shall inherit the earth.


Knowledge is power, except it feels more like a curse.

I hand out flowers today because I witnessed tomorrow riding in a hearse.

The gangsta’s spray their semis while the kids run for cover.

Sirens are my alarm clock, while I hide under my covers.

A world unprepared for the voices they’ve silenced by fear.

Not me, I am no longer scared.

I have been scarred interacting with the living dead.

Conniving like con-artist, without guidance I walk amongst the blind.

Pick pocketing every thought.

They don’t get me, but at least they aint got me!

They tried snatching my spirit from me out my cradle just to place me in a tomb.

The killers perish with their intentions, but the believers never die from their wounds.

Imagine spending your whole life trying not to cry.

Misery loves company and the world is its companion.

Birthing monstrosities that  label themselves as super human beings.

Assassins assassinating, I chose to replace them.

If I were to murder one person, it would be –ME!

Because there is one thing I yearn for most is my body to rest and my soul to be FREE

Only then will the mind solider be at ease.


Leighrick & Samuel


The Declaration of Inception

They know I’ll never give up,

instead they’re coming for my dreams.

Dream Killers on the hunt for me.

I stay fighting,

while your thinking it’s amusing I don’t sleep.

Insomnia’s no hobby.

I’m praying asking to be looked over,

it happens some days, but honestly

some days being grateful slips to the back mind.

Along with other thoughts, I care not to bring to the light.

I’ve only experienced 20 years of being Human,

but that’s easily forgotten, many have been given much less time to comprehend.

Who knows, they could’ve had bigger dreams than mine before permanently being laid to rest.

Either way I’m learning by living.

Their Hate,

Serenading my ambition.

Sending bombs to no mans lands,

A part of my mind that shouldn’t have be penetrated.

With an annex to my heart, and a well to the pit of my soul.

I stand guard at the pinnacle.

Pens cocked like assault riffles, verbal grenades, bazooka mics, and adjectives shaped like pocket knives.

Leighrick, Poetic Renegade.

I am protecting my aspirations,

acquiring strength through the trails & tribulations.

Cant close my eyes, but

at the same time

I’m trying to secure my visions.

Its already challenging to handle the taunts of temptation.

Mirages of freedom, a depleted cold world,

The sun keeps my heart warm, and I’m not thirsty yet.

I’m just trying to [be]Live my dreams, but

if they’re on a steady hunt to shoot em down —


I gotta make My Dreams, My Reality.